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imageI have observed several methods, one of which is by messing with the RNG. These were my observations and speculations as on how Catan Universe keeps it's community and sustains its business model by predetermining an advantaged player for any one game.

It only includes a certain amount of cards. There is no line of code in Catan Universe reorganizing the stack based on any event in the game. After the first shuffle, the stack just sits there. The dev card stack is shuffled one time while the game gets initialized. You can read up on the dev cards here as well:

This provision deems the entirety of the income of a non-resident person from a trade or business carried on partly in Singapore and partly offshore to be entirely Singapore-sourced. It is only that portion of the income which is directly attributable to the operations of the issuing entity carried on outside Singapore which is not caught by this deeming. Where a foreign incorporated and tax resident entity is used, but the main functions are performed by a development team in Singapore, the source of the income represented by the token raise needs to be carefully considered in the context of Section 12(1) of the ITA. Using a foreign- incorporated special purpose vehicle (‘SPV’) as the token issuing entity may seem like the obvious solution. The operation of this provision makes the question about whether a token-issuing entity is carrying on a trade or business a critical question. An issuing entity which directly employs staff is more likely to be considered to be carrying on a trade or business than one which merely acts a passive governance vehicle and enters into development contracts with related or third-party developers. Because the Singapore system is territorial, little actually turns on the place of incorporation or even tax residency of an entity when considering the taxation of income under Section 10(1) of the ITA.

They also hold other data such as a timestamp (identifying when it was picked up) and crucially, a hash of the block before. We have been mentioning the blocks in the blockchain without going through an explanation of exactly what the blocks are comprised of. Each block has a block size limit of 1MB. Bitcoin blocks hold a all of the transaction information for a particular time period.

Your Bitcoin and mine are together. The exchange may disappear one day with all of your coins, or just flat-out refuse to give you the coins you purchased. If you trade on any centralized exchanges, though, you might be thinking that Bitcoin speeds are near-instant, but that’s an illusion. The exchange simply manages a database that adds and subtracts a record of the Bitcoin you own, based on each trade. That’s why Bitcoin maximalists argue that you don’t truly own your Bitcoin unless it’s in your wallet; if it sits on an exchange, you are subject to risk. On centralized exchanges, all of the bitcoin is stored in a single location.

As an added bonus, SegWit also offered a modest block size limit increase to a theoretical four megabytes, or a more realistic two megabyte limit, crypto depending on the types of transactions included in blocks. (To be exact: The block size limit was replaced with a four million weight unit limit, which introduced a new way to "count" transaction data.) This means that users with SegWit-supporting wallets pay lower transaction fees.

The 24-hour USD trade volume of Bitcoin is approximately $13.7 billion at the time of writing. At $10.4k per Bitcoin, that roughly equates to about 1.3 million Bitcoin being traded in the 24 hours. Comparatively, In case you loved this article and you would want to receive more information about BNB generously visit our own web-page. Planet Fitness’s market cap is only 5.8 billion. Comparatively, that volume is similar to that of Planet Fitness on the publicly traded market.

Hear me clear here, it's a business with the sole purpose of making money: they don't develop Catan because you like to play Catan with your friends. The idea is: Catan Universe is a business . By making sure that everyone wins! Much like any major social network, their business model expects to create a big community of users, who will then purchase items in-app over time, and provide a cash flow, which will then generate revenue. Here it's where it becomes delicate. Once you understand this, BNB you will see how, from a business perspective, it's very natural and pertinent to the business plan, the effort of maximizing the users' amount: a small community would simply be unsustainable. So how do you maximize the community?

We used to describe it as such in many many many posts in the past and tried to explain how they work and that it is perfectly normal to use such a pseudo RNG. As part of the Catan Universe team, I do feel it is my duty to answer the here posted hypothesis despite the fact that we already answered a lot to the mentioned topics above. Because our users thought that this was the smoking gun! That pseudo RNGs aren´t real RNGs and therefore the RNG is flawed. Well… that always backfired! By describing the inner works with more common terms we do have a bigger chance of more Catanians understanding what is going on. Of course, most of the feasible RNG solutions for games are pseudo RNGs. Also please keep in mind not every user does have either programming experience nor a deeper understanding of statistics.

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